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"Empowering women to effortlessly slay life."

The Motive:




The Mission:

At Damsel in the 6ix, we aim to challenge society's traditional narrative and perception associated with the word "Damsel". We strive to engage with like-minded women in Toronto to inspire and be inspired by. The ultimate goal? To empower women to effortlessly slay life - in The 6ix and beyond.



We offer a wide variety of podcast content that you're sure to love. From the D6Ix Podcast, where we chat about all things life, career, and self-growth, to the Tuhronno Dating Chronicles, where we navigate the dating scene in Toronto and our experiences from a millennial viewpoint, to In Her Stilettos, where we pass the mic on to a boss lady in Toronto to share what it's like to spend a day in her shoes,  - you're sure to be engaged. Tune in today and prepare to listen to some thought-provoking discussion. New episodes drop each Saturday on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and more.

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The Mantra:

"Whatever I want is already mine because I’m speaking it into existence." 

- Damsel In the 6ix


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Damsel In the 6ix

 The Mark:

"...I just listened to your "In Your Stilettos" episode on D6 and thought I would reach out and connect with you. I just graduated from Schulich and your podcast has been very helpful in figuring out my career path." - Reni O

"... I love listening to your podcasts while at the gym or on my way to work! The topics of discussion have been excellent and thought-provoking!" - A. D.

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