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"Empowering women to effortlessly slay life."

What is Damsel In The 6ix?

When you hear the word "damsel", what comes to mind? Think about it for a moment. 

For many, the phrase "damsel in distress" comes to mind. People tend to envision a young, helpless, and dependent women waiting to be rescued from danger. 

At Damsel in the 6ix, we're anything but that. In fact, we exist to challenge that very narrative and perception. 

Our mission is simple. At Damsel in the 6ix, we aim to: 

Engage with like-minded women in Toronto through the sharing of transparent, honest, and vulnerable discussions of our life journeys as young, ambitious, and resilient women.

Inspire others (as well as ourselves) to see our own potential, learn from our challenges, and to achieve self-growth, self-actualization, and to move from merely surviving to outright thriving.

Empower women in The 6ix to effortlessly slay life. We work together to acknowledge that life is not linear, and that challenges are part of the journey. We believe in lifting while we climb, and our ultimate goal is to foster a community of empowered and confident women who believe we can achieve anything that we speak into existence. 

Tune into our weekly podcast to learn about the ways we're working towards helping ourselves and other women in the process.

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Meet The Damsels


dany (Danica S. Nelson), Co-founder

Danica is a goal-oriented woman that’s passionate about communication, transparency, and self-development. With D6IX, she aims to foster a community of confident and empowered women that are unapologetically themselves, live with intention, and are on the road to living their best lives without requiring validation from others.

She's also a Diversity and Inclusion advocate with an emphasis on Equity and Intersectionality.


neesh (kaneesha serjue), co-founder

Kaneesha's passion is to influence change within local communities, promote self confidence and to uplift. She wants to encourage women who don’t see their strength, to see their strength and to believe anything is possible. She represents strong women who believe they can accomplish anything.

Her life goal is to inspire, educate, and motivate. For others to see their true potential, believe in their capabilities, and make it happen.