Move from Surviving to Thriving

In 2018 I had set my mantra to “Thrive instead of Survive”

Quick Explanation:

To survive - is to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship. Typically tied to living after being a part of an ordeal, or an accident.

To thrive is to grow vigorously, to prosper to flourish.

Your ability to thrive in the world is deeply connected to the actions you take on a daily basis and the belief structures you embrace.

To thrive is an attitude. 

Okay so now, the why? Why do we want to move from surviving to thriving? 

Well no matter the circumstance; you’re prepared to take this on. Your attitude that you have, will change your perception within the occurrence. Looking at the positive because you are mentally healthy enough to process the situation- and make better informed decisions.

Those are the reasons why.

Keep in mind this attitude doesn’t promise perfection, or that you’ll always make the best decisions, I can never guarantee that however you are more likely to make a better decision and feel at peace with that decision, whether right or wrong.

To thrive isn’t temporary or situational, its building a sustainable mindset so that no matter what life throws at you, you have a strong rooted foundation to persevere. 

So let’s look at ways on how we can move from surviving to thriving

Take time in the morning to find your center and set intentions for the day

Make inner stillness and connection in your sanctuary, and set the scene for how you want your day to unfold. For believers, this would be starting out your day reading your bible, having that conversation with God.

Set goals and take daily action to make them happen

It’s the small actions you take which add up to accomplishing whatever you set out to do. Break your goals down into daily bite-sized chunks and you will succeed.

Unplug your devices, detox from tv, relax, sit in quiet / pick up a book

Devices serve as distractions.  Before you know it hours have gone by and you don’t have much to show for that time wasted.

Consistently let go of expectations

To both expectations you’ve set on people and expectations placed on yourself. When you expect and put too much reliability on others you are setting yourself up for let down when they don’t deliver.

When unrealistic expectations are placed onto you, feel free to express that and then continue on to live your best life. Let these expectations go if they aren’t in alignment with the energy you wish to embody.

Be mindful of complaining too much

Focus more on what you love and admire and less on what you dislike. This alone brings around you more love, attraction, and positive energy in your life. It’s easy to focus on the negative, but do your best to find the good in each person, place, and situation you encounter.

Secondly, remove negativity and negative people from around you. Some people are just inherently negative.

Practice radical gratitude

Good things come to people who are grateful. Even when it’s difficult, there’s always something to be grateful for. 

Don’t hold offence, forgive and move on

Do you find yourself spending too much time in your thoughts, as it relates to a person? If anyone has ever offended you in anyway, and negative emotions or feelings resurface when they’re around, it’s time to let it go.

Your anger towards them is holding you back more than anything. I promise you, it is serving you no good at all. They are living in your head rent free. In this same tone, don’t assume. Don’t ever assume you know the full story, or say “they should have known better”. A common misconception that leads to endless miscommunications.

Spend time with family and dear loved ones

Life can be busy but set the intention to spend quality time for your soul, with your family. Whether that family is small or big, the individuals that will love and be there for you through thick and thin, in a healthy way, put time aside to keep those connections alive.


Now it’s 2019, exactly a year since this episode aired, and I still stand by every word of this. I can also look back and say, 2018 was a success, I genuinely feel as if I’m thriving in life. Bad days aren’t so bad, small wins are recognized and celebrated! It’s all really a mental switch, which for everyone will be an ongoing process. Remember y’all, one of our fave mottos #ProgressionNotPerfection

Listen here on Episode 6 where we spoke all about it. I highly rate this entire episode and would suggest listening to it, in it’s entirety. However I understand, not all manz feel to move as such so here’s a shortcut right to the spot where we discuss this topic as well.

Bless & One Love,