Walking For the Future: The Power of Friendship 

When asked what Jenn Radovitzky sees for her future, she does not hesitate - she sees herself growing old with her best friend by her side. It is the same dream she has had since she was a child, with the two women meeting as infants. However, when the two were nineteen years old, her friend’s Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis changed the way Jenn thought about their future. “I still see us together, of course, the disease can’t change that. It just changes plans that we had for our future together. We would love to take our daughters to New York City together like our moms took us, but it’s no longer really feasible since NYC isn’t easy to navigate with restricted mobility.” 

But this does not mean that Jenn and her friend have grown apart or do not spend any time together. In fact, Jenn argues that they continue to grow closer every day. “My favourite thing to do is anything we do together. We grocery shop, we go out for lunch, we celebrate holidays together with our families. We have really been raised as sisters and so it’s the everyday life activities, the mundane, that we do together that are most important to us. Is there anything better than a Costco trip with your best friend?” 

Although it might be easy to be frustrated by MS symptoms, the women do not let it hinder their spirits. “We always joke about being two old ladies trying to go to Yorkdale but needing a break. Or leaning on our Costco carts for support. Since some of our favourite activities aren’t as accessible to the both of us – like the theatre or certain restaurants – we find joy and laughter in our everyday experience of being side by side with each other.” 

When asked how Multiple Sclerosis has impacted Jenn, she pauses and says thoughtfully, “It impacts me be-cause it impacts her. We’ve been friends for almost forty-four years, and there was never a life without her. Anything that affects her has a direct affect on me.” This is the motivation behind Jenn’s participation in the Toronto Mandarin MS Walk. “It has been inspiring to see the Team I created four years ago grow into such a force at the Walk. Anything I can do to make her life better makes my life better because I find great joy and peace in seeing her happy. If I could end this interview with one quotation that sums up our friendship it would be ‘best friends are the sisters God forgot to give us.’” 

Join Jenn and hundreds more supportive friends and families, as well as those who live with Multiple Sclerosis, and walk to change the future of MS on May 5th in Toronto! Register at mswalks.ca today. 

Walking For the Future: The Power of Friendship