D6IX Bookclub - BRAG! The Art Of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing it. By: Peggy Klaus

We’ve just wrapped up FOUR weeks of the first book in the D6IX Bookclub, moderated by yours truly ME (Neesh)!

Whether you have or haven’t read this book, it’s seriously worth tuning into episodes 37, 39, 41 and 43. At the end of each episode we review chapters throughout the book, sharing key learnings and our personal thoughts and takeaways.  My personal favourite was Chapter 8, which we covered in episode 41

From the onset she shares that the KEY to success with implementing change in your bragging life, is to KNOW YOURSELF.  Peggy provides us with 12 Questions along with the following instructions, to do just that.

Chapter 2 - Take 12

“Don’t feel that you have to answer these in order. You can start anywhere and skip around. As you move through the questions, you’ll likely think of things you might have overlooked when answering earlier ones. In fact, you’ll probably want to go over your responses once more after you have completed the evaluation¹. Remember, the more time you put into this exercise, the more specific details you provide, the easier it will be to create brag bites² and bragologues³ that will be crystal clear and interesting to those who don’t already know you well.”

¹ I highly encourage you to review your answers at LEAST 2-3 times and on separate days. When I went back a week after writing my initial answers, I almost laughed. I thought to myself, is this the best I can do?

²Brag Bites - Snippets of impressive information about one’s best self, expressed in a brief, quotable manner. They function as memory insurance so that people will remember something compelling about you. They can be dropped into conversations as single gems or woven together to create longer bragologues.

³Bragologues -  Ranging from a thirty-second elevator pitch to a three-minute monologue, information about one’s self that is conveyed in a conversational, storylike fashion that’s memorable and elicits interest, excitement, and/or  admiration.

Access her Take 12 Questionnaire right here!

*Disclaimer. All copy written in Italics in the blog post above was taken word for word, from the book BRAG! THE ART OF TOOTING YOUR OWN HORN WITHOUT BLOWING IT. PEGGY KLAUS