Toronto (Hoodman) Hoodie - Unisex

Toronto (Hoodman) Hoodie - Unisex


FOM. Cop this fire hoodie and manz will hit you with a “N’yeaaaaaah eh?!” all day. Top left. This one’s for the real Toronto hoodman and gyal dem that feel no ways about reppin the screwface capital.

It’s allll in the fine likkle details. Peep closely and you’ll see all the Toronto Hoodman lingo/language that manz across the border STAY tryna imitate.

It’ll also keep you warm since you already know Toronto winters are BRICK and disrespectful AF. Dress it up with a likkle 1, 2, Jordans and you’ll be out here looking like a sweeter man/gyal. Bet.

Limited quantities available, so no sleepin in the streets. YAZEEIT!

Low key: The REAL ones only pronounce the white letters ;)

Pullover style sweater.

*Also available in a T-shirt.

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