Toronto (Iconic) Hoodie - Unisex

Toronto (Iconic) Hoodie - Unisex


Celebrate all things Toronto with our “Iconic” creation. From our cultural neighbourhoods, to our historic events, to our, uhh, unique wildlife and politicians - Toronto is a world renowned city that’s widely recognized for it’s uniqueness.

Look closely and you’ll see all the fine details in each letter of the design.

Represent our city by wearing this brand new creation that encapsulates all things that make us, us. Plus, you’ll keep warm during our not-so-nice winters.
Hard mode: If you’re a REAL Torontonian, you’ll know we only pronounce the white letters ;)

Wanna play a game? Ask someone to read the word on your shirt. If they only pronounce the white letters, their definitely from Trono. If they pronounce every letter, you may have just caught yourself an imposter ;)

Pullover style sweater.

*Also available in a t-shirt.

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